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I no longer have to wear this persona that I have developed over the years. I can decide to be me. Finally just me. I no longer need to present this ballsy, brassy, badass mask that I created when I should have been exploring first kisses and first base.

There was a time when this mask served me well. It kept me safe. It made me believe that I had power over my choices. That I was in control of an uncontrollable situation. The choices I was offered were not the ones I would have chosen if I truly had a choice or a voice, but I made the best of my life and took pleasure where I could and took the beatings where I had to in order to survive one more day.

I left the streets so long ago but the streets have refused to leave me.

When I had nothing left to give and the world demanded payment I offered my body in order to save my soul. And the world ravaged me. It tore me to tatters and left me bleeding on the pavement; just another whore who lost her usefulness as soon as the load was blown.

I may have spent my youth on my knees but I plan on spending the rest of my life firmly planted on my feet. I will raise my head with pride and no longer bow down to choke on the bitter seed of unwashed bodies and unclean souls.
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